Active Members  



Fausto Anguilla (Consigliere) 

Jack Biancuzzo 

Edward J. Bisbano 

Joseph J. Bisbano 

Carmelo Bonvegna

Richard Bonvegna 

Anthony Bucolo (Council) 

Domenic Bucolo

Mark Bucolo (Sargent of Arms) 

Richard Bucolo 

Richard Bucolo II

Michael Byrnes

Anthony Caliri 

Frank Caruso 

Antonio Chiossone

John Cintolo 

Jimmy Compagna 

Mike Compagna 

Paul D'Amico 

Matt Deleo 

Jerry Deluca 

Joseph Giordano 

Bob Hamel 

Jerry Marshal 

Tyler Marshal 

Mark Matrone 

Richard Matrone (Vice President) 

Robert Matrone (Treasurer)

Santa Matrone (Council)

Justin Mendese 

Peter Moran 

Angelo Palumbo 

Angelo Pirri 

Angelo J. Pirri 

Anthony Principie Jr. 

Michael Principie 

Nicholas Puniello (President)

Joe Recupero 

Jack J. Salvaggio 

James Salvaggio 

Joe Scolaro 

Jimmy Smith 

Jerome A. Squatrito (Council) 

Jerome J. Squatrito 

Jerome J. Squatrito 

Joseph M. Squatrito 

Mike Squatrito (Secretary) 

Peter Squatrito 

Robert J. Squatrito 

Robert J. Squatrito Jr. 

Joseph St George 

Thomas St George 

Richard Travers 

Sebastian Wardell


The next monthly meeting will be held at Mike Byrnes House, 240 Metacom Ave, Bristol, RI. Mike will speak about Bristol's Italian and Sicilian history.

The La Bella Sicilia Society's monthly meeting for April is TBD.  

May 19, 2017, 7:00 PM

The La Bella Sicilia Society's monthly meeting for May is TBD.

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La Bella Sicilia

of Rhode Island

Our Mission:  


To promote the Sicilian heritage, food, music, arts and help our members and the community in need.

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