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To promote the Sicilian heritage, food, music, arts and help our members and the community in need.

Original 1929 Charter Article of Association:

Set up in Bristol, Rhode Island in the United States of America, is the Society of Mutual Assistance, La Bella Sicilia.  It is incorporated under the laws of the State of Rhode Island and it will explicate its mandate for the sick members and giving civil honors to the living and the dead. The fundamental scope of the Society is the promotion of reciprocal aid amongst members, their families and morale welfare. To believe in the govenment of the United States of America, with the aim to be or become an American citizen. To obey and defend the laws of this Nation. Profess no doctrine whose posultates tend to upset the order of the Society. Be a native or be orginally from the Province of Messina; be spouse of or son of a person from the Province of Messina as long as the person is of Italian extraction and other Provinces of Sicily, including their children. To associate ourselves with the intention of respecting each other as brothers, promoting culture, music, the arts, etc., 
among its members, families, and children. 

Subscribed on this day 23rd of December 1929 the following founders: 

Bartolo Scolaro
Giuseppe Alosi
Antonio Campagna
Angelo Panzarella
Joseph F. Bruno
Anthony J. Bruno
Charles D'Angelo

The next monthly meeting will be held at Mike Byrnes House, 240 Metacom Ave, Bristol, RI. Mike will speak about Bristol's Italian and Sicilian history.

The La Bella Sicilia Society's monthly meeting for April is TBD.  

May 19, 2017, 7:00 PM

The La Bella Sicilia Society's monthly meeting for May is TBD.

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